Water Purification with Fermented Soybean Powder

This is one of the all-time great ideas presented on Gaia no Yoake.  Mr. Kanetoshi developed this simple and inexpensive method for making clean drinking water anywhere, anytime.  All you have to do is mix the powdered Natto in to dirty water from streams, lakes, or wherever and you end up with drinkable water in a few seconds.  This can be used in emergency situations, and in areas of the world where clean drinking water is hard to come by, like parts of India and Africa.

Here is the synopsis in Japanese:

バングラデシュで浄化剤を使ってみせる小田会長 6月の放送でも取り上げた浄化剤メーカーの「日本ポリグル」。


We’re looking at the water purification maker “Nihon Polyglu”, which we also presented in our June broadcast.
By mixing one spoonful of the purification powder into water from dirty ponds, etc. the toxic substances such as arsenic and other impurities bind with the powder and settle on the bottom.  This revolutionary substance has the power to turn such water clear.
In our previous broadcast we followed company president Kanetoshi Oda as he headed out on his own to Bangladesh, a country with considerably poor water services reaching only 10% of the population.
In Bangladesh water-borne illnesses are not uncommon with people using pond water and muddied well water for drinking.
Mr. Oda went to an area hit hardest by a cyclone and set up a water purification station to make drinking water from a pond.
The villagers and children were ecstatic to see something they were not used to seeing, clean water.
But, there’s a problem.  The purification powder can’t be provided without compensation forever.  And, the aim is to bring this to even more people.  It’s necessary to collect some money so that this assistance can be provided continuously.
So, Mr. Oda went back to Bangladesh and cooperated with the locals in a project to further spread the use of the the purification powder.  Mr. Oda said, “We can’t just try to sell this to wealthy people with enough money to buy bottled water, we need to make it available to people without money”.  If he can create a successful model in Bangladesh, he can help others in countries without clean drinking water.  Will he be able to make it a reality?

Here’s the Video:

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